We are based in Sunny California and have been established here since 1999, which makes us old timers in the world of video marketing!

But age brings experience and we have more than most, when it comes to understanding video and digital marketing strategy.

Our clients range from large corporations, to small family businesses, but all in need of one thing – quality video and films and expert marketing help. Fortunately, we can provide both!

Founded by Paul Gothenberg, this company has literally tens of thousands of satisfied customers and the vast majority of them keep coming back for more.

Paul’s background was in video production and he is still keenly involved in both the creative and the technical aspects of these today.

We work together with our clients, closely, to identify their areas of needs and also to get to know them better, both as people and as corporations.

Because understanding is the key to delivering the best results possible, for each client. We do not have a one size fits all approach to our work and instead look at every client as an individual.

This approach has paid dividends over the years, with results and also, we have won many awards in the industry for our work.