What They Say

Our clients say why they chose us, in their own words…



“The solid work of this team brought us forward by years, in terms of where we were in comparison to our rivals. For so long, we had been behind in the race, when it came to social media and captivating content, that we had begun to feel that we would never catch up.

“However, as soon as I met Paul and his team I was assured that we would be ahead in the game. And I was not wrong. Paul’s team did everything in their power to put Excel into the 21st century and I cannot hesitate to recommend them, to anyone else looking for the same”



“We were met with an extremely professional response by the team and they got to work immediately, to create us a marketing strategy that worked for us and even more importantly, some truly knockout video material.

“Our website has now been transformed from something that was a little creaky around the edges, to something that not only works properly, but also looks first rate, into the bargain.

“But the control over our social media and marketing has been the most important change that Paul’s team has made. We have seen not only a higher number of customers finding us on line, but these page views have also translated directly into conversions.

“I would definitely hire this team again and they now have our on-going contract for video marketing”


“Unlike some other marketing and media types, I was refreshed to find that this company actually took the time to get to know us inside out, before making any unwise recommendations.

“Our firm has been burned in the past, by using cool kids and fly by nights, who have promised the earth, but then left us with more problems than we started with. So to begin with, I was wary about the whole thing. Fortunately, my worries were soon dissipated once Paul and his gang got to work!

“I was so impressed with their professionalism and the quality of the video that they produced for our business, that I immediately commissioned some more.

“Now, with the power of video marketing behind us, we are finding clients easier to reach and more importantly, to retain.

“This company work with others to an outstanding degree and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone else unsure about hiring a video marketing agency”


“We knew that we needed to do something with our marketing and website, but just weren’t sure what. Fortunately, Paul knew exactly what our firm needed to get back on track and to reach out to potential clients.

“He and his team completely overhauled our website and marketing strategy and as a result we have improved results and more clients. I could not be happier with the job that they have done!”